July 24, 2015


Tava came to us as part of a rescue that involved bunches of stout, loud little dogs. She was the odd one in the group, tall and silent. Upon arrival she had pressed herself so far into the back of the travel crate that she was almost flat, and we had to take it apart to get to her. She put up quite a fight after being exposed to humans, and for about a week we had to let her be, with the exception of meal times and cleaning.

After that, baby steps- being moved from the clinic to the quieter of our dog runs, an introduction to the leash, and in time the play yard. A few days ago we had a major victory- she will now trot up to staff, smiling, give us a few licks on the hand (no more than three), and then retreat. Each Tava smile deepens our fondness for her, and we're patiently waiting for her transformation into a more adjusted dog.

Today she had a special visitor to help her in that journey. Gregor came, loaded down with books. She pressed herself into the floor of her run, and he read out loud to her, steady and strong, and going along as if her trembling body was business as usual. Nothing to see here.

Halfway through his first book, Gregor looked up, smiled, and softly announced that she had stopped shaking. He continued to read aloud to her, and while she did not move, her body relaxed. And for today, that is enough. 

To all who come and contribute to the well being of the pets at Angels of Assisi, you continue to amaze and inspire us, thank you for a job well done.

That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat,
a faithful friend and a library. — Aphra Behn