February 14, 2015


Last month, we were asked to help with several small dogs from a rural shelter. Space was tight, but we told the hopeful volunteer to bring 'em on up, and we would make room.

Accompanied by the shelter's animal control officer, she arrived a few days later, with precious cargo in tow. The precious cargo, however, had a few more heartbeats than we anticipated, including a lovely mutt named Isabelle. The animal control officer explained that he just had to take a chance that we would take her, as it would break his heart to put her down.

A dog that took up so much space in his his heart would simply have to fit in our building; paperwork was signed and a spot was created. Isabelle proved to be an easy keeper. Her whole butt tail wag and friendly ways quickly earned her a "staff and volunteer favorite" title.

Soon enough, the animal control officer's dream came true- she found herself a person. Isabelle gave us one last butt tail wag and stuck out her tongue before she marched on up the stairs and headed home. Her mom has reported that she is a perfect fit, and we are grateful to the officer who took a chance and loaded her in his truck, and to you, our supporters for making it possible to find the room.

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