February 19, 2015


It's been a heck of week weather-wise, and our intakes have increased with those needing shelter from the cold, including 5 cats living in a car, and a mama who had 7 kittens outside on one of the coldest nights of the year. By some miracle she managed to save 5 of them, and the little family is now safe and sound in a foster home.

Between handing out coats, food, beds and supplies to help people give their pets much needed inside time, we got a call to help this fellow. Circumstances as extreme as our current elements made coming inside not an option, and so he came to Angels of Assisi to find his shelter.

Right now he's all long legs and hip bones and improper house manners, but he is leaning quickly. Our hearts have easily been won over, and we're looking forward to this boy getting adopted and out of the cold once and forever.

Thank you to all for the donations that have been used to keep pets in their homes and that help us find new homes for those who need them most. As we work hard to protect the animals in our community, it is never forgotten that our community makes it all possible.

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