January 13, 2015


 A social media post from the Martinsville Henry County SPCA:

 This is an offer to the person who left a box of 7 puppies on the SPCA doorstep this morning. Please let us help you with your momma dog. We will assist you in getting her spayed so you are not forced to make this decision again. No judgement. Your puppies are safe and sound and we are happy to rehome them. They are adorable!

Thank you for the kindness and compassion shown in your message to the person who left the puppies. The reassurance that the puppies will be safe was wonderful, and what a kind gesture it was to comment on how adorable they are.

I believe this message is a true testament to what a humane society, spca, rescue group should be- a safe haven to help with animals when the owners cannot. The reasons for this may vary, and I think we need to ask ourselves a few questions before we are quick to judge people, one being: how many paychecks away am I from not being able to pay for my bills, home, and ultimately pets?

Big props to the Martinsville Henry County Humane Society for making a tough situation easier for all involved. My guess is that mama dog will be in for spay, and even if she is not, you have taken down roadblocks and paved the path with kindness for others to get the help they need.

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