July 21, 2014

You and Me

I had to pick up 3 kittens from Emergency Vet Services last week. Taken from a bad situation in Botetourt County, they were filthy, and treated overnight for respiratory and eye infections. One of the kittens will have to have her eye removed as soon as she can tolerate surgery. As I waited at EVS, a nice gentleman in the lobby struck up a conversation with me. Or, rather, his dog did.

Bodey was a beautiful black lab, perfectly fitted with harness and matching leash. He lives on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake, and frequently goes out on the boat, swims, and rides in the golf cart. We ended our chat when the kittens were brought out to me in their animal control issued carrier.

As I bid Bodey and his wonderful owner adieu and took a good look at our new charges, I wondered over and over- why do some animals get to live such an amazing life, while others live in dumpsters, die in pounds, and never know the love of a human? Why did these filthy kittens I was loading into my car get such a shitty draw?

Driving to Angels of Assisi, it slowly hit me. These kittens are actually the lucky ones. They have you, and they have me. You'll shower them with love by volunteering, fostering, donating money towards their medical care, and sharing your time and talents. I'll do my part by keeping our Angels of Assisi staff and clinic ready and able to help, and providing a forever safety net for them. These guys are already in foster care, and catching up on living their own good life, and you've done that for them and thousands of others. As always, we thank you, over and over.

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