June 27, 2014

Window To The World

My desk at Angels of Assisi faces away from the window, and my view from there is a big red chair, given to us by my friend Vickie. Although only knowing each for a relatively short time, Vickie and I have lived through a lifetime together. Not too long ago, we were simultaneously on the opposite and yet the same side of changing the fate for thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Roanoke, all housed at our local pound. Vickie was doing it her way, within barriers placed upon on her, and I was doing it my way, gathering the facts and then going balls out to expose them, without a boundary in sight.

In the end, we turned our clashes into collaborations, and with the efforts of many, reached our common goal. The RCACP now offers a volunteer program, an adoption program, and animals are going home, instead of ending up a deadly statistic.

I think of Vickie often, and how her big red chair is symbolic of all that she wanted for the animals. A place for homeless pets to exhale, decompress, and feel safe, and also a place for people to come share their hopes and ideas on how to make it all better. I get to see the things she worked for and cared about everyday.

I purposely set my desk facing away from the window and towards the big red chair, to see the world that comes to us. Sometimes it's shy dogs rehabilitating, sometimes it's Jane Brown throwing herself onto it for a mid morning re-group session, sometimes it's a stray pup having a moment to catch his breath, sometimes it's Diane to talk about improving the adoption rates for cats, and sometimes it's the England girls nursing another injured animal back to health. One thing it always is though, is an amazing view, and I am thankful to each person who has made it that way.

If I had a view like this to look down on every day,
I would have the energy and inspiration to conquer the world. 

~ Jennifer Egan

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