June 18, 2014

It's A Win-Win, Times Infinity

We've recently became a partner with the Valley View PetSmart, meaning Angels of Assisi cats and kittens call the store near the mall a temporary home, as they wait for a permanent adoption. Our friends from the Franklin County Humane Society have joined with us, and what a wonderful start we've shared!

The first week was filled with anticipation, some extra hard work, and reaching our goal- adoptions, adoptions, adoptions- breaking a district PetSmart store record. Kittens and cats, big and small, all found new homes.

Our favorite story was Viola, now 2 years old, who has been at Angels of Assisi since she was a kitten. We took her to PetSmart for a better chance at finding a home, and so she did. A few days ago, a little girl and her mom came in looking for a kitten. We didn't have any available for adoption at the time, but we did have this little black cat who was hiding in the back of her cage. She used to be a kitten, but grew up in our shelter, kinda missing out on a lot of that fun kitten stuff. The little girl and her sweet mom decided that Viola must have been waiting all this time just for them, for their family specifically, and took her home that day.

Viola's story is a special one, and so is each and every feline who has found a new home via a short stop at PetSmart. It's been an amazing opportunity to work side by side with the Franklin County Humane Society; we've always shared a mission and goals, and now, for the first time, we're sharing a physical space. One that is making a difference. I know we both share gratitude to Greg and his wonderful PetSmart staff at Valley View, who have made the transition easy and cheered us on all the way.

The day of announcing our community a no kill one is very close, and we believe that the relationship with PetSmart, and all of the wonderful people who adopt cats and kittens from there, is going to get us there even faster. Thank you to all!


In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too)
those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.  
-  Charles Darwin

A special thank you also goes to the new PetSmart located next to Kohls- they have kitties from the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, and are also doing amazingly well with adoptions. It's been a tremendous spring and summer for the cats! Three cheers!

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