June 5, 2014


With the onset of the ASPCA adoption challenge, all eyes are on happy going home stories, the stats, and the newcomers from area pounds that will now get their own opportunity to be in the spotlight. In a separate part of our building, however, on a different level from the prize wheels, plinco boards, banners, and adoptions, is our Veterinary clinic, making some pretty good strides lately as well.

We've added in-house laboratory equipment, meaning we can get lab results back in a matter of minutes. Other upgrades include the ability to see results on exam room iPads, new and improved flea/tick medications, and continued sick animal services.

Of all of the added technology and improvements, one stands out more than the rest, in the form of a lady named Bo. She's changed her role at Angels of Assisi and now spends the afternoon watching your animals as they recover from surgery. It's not unusual for a dog or cat to wake up in her arms, and she hugs them, and loves them, and keeps makes them feel safe.

To all that support our clinic by bringing your pets here for medical care, our staff thanks you for entrusting us with your beloved family member. We promise to keep doing our best to bring them the latest advances in care, with the added bonus of hugs and such.

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