May 11, 2014

Mater Amoris

A lady showed up in our lobby a few days ago, clutching a small plastic pet carrier tied together with string. Peering out were 2 tiny puppies, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she explained that they were an accidental litter. Since then, she had their mom and dad spayed/neutered, and had contemplated keeping the puppies. As her tears intensified, she asked us to take them, because she wanted her babies to have the best chance at a better life.

We did take the puppies, and they have already been adopted by new moms who can give them what the lady in our lobby could not.

 On today, Mother's Day, we'd like to give a special acknowledgement to those who have loved someone enough to give them a better shot by letting them go, and to those who ever so gratefully scooped that someone up, the ultimate gift, and gave them the world. Both parties loved differently, but enough to put their personal needs aside. I know this because I, too, was adopted, and have felt the sacrifice, dedication, and love from both sides.

To all of those who have loved enough to hand over a precious life, and to all of those who gathered that life up and and made a family, this one's for you. Thank you for your kindness. 

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