May 9, 2014

Double Diesel

I've heard that people stay in bad situations because a relationship like that gets turned up by degrees.
It is said that a frog will jump out of a pot of boiling water. Place him in a pot and turn it up a little at a time, he will stay until he is boiled to death. Us frogs understand this.
- Deb Caletti


The Guardian Angel program at Angels of Assisi was designed to give pets caught in the middle of domestic violence a safe haven. Diesel is benefiting from this program after his owner had the strength to jump out of her own pot of boiling water.

We're pretty certain Diesel was also harmed in the place he called home, and thus is also a member of the Biscuit Fund for abused pets.

Dogs, like people, react differently to long term abuse. Diesel is not the type to cower in the corner, but he is still hurting, and needs someone to give him time and patience until he can get his groove back. Fortunately, there is a program for that too, one that has a beautiful ring of hope and future to it, and it's called Fostering. Diesel needs to be a part of that program, and we'll give all the back up needed to anyone who can put a sparkle back in those eyes.

Thank you to the RCACP for letting us know that Diesel needed help and facilitating his transfer to Angels of Assisi-

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