April 23, 2014


My cat is constipated. Or so I thought, but upon exam at Angels of Assisi, she had some major issues, and our wonderful Dr. Foster pulled some things out of her that should not be discussed in polite company. It was scary and awful, but thankfully she was in expert hands. Lucky woke up from her sedation in a cushy bed, wrapped up in a warm blanket. I was reassured knowing she had the very best medical care possible, combined with a good helping of TLC.

Watching our medical staff give the same care to the other critters in our surgery area brings about mixed emotions. While filled with gratitude that there are beloved animals who will go home from the clinic with someone to ease their fears and discomfort, there are still many who won't get the chance to receive medical care, and many who live as strays or behind bars in pounds across the country. There are too too too many wide eyed, innocent beings who will suffer, be afraid, and not know the love of a family.

At Angels of Assisi, we are working hard to give every animal the opportunity my cat had today: the chance to feel better and to feel safe. Because of this goal, we've added some amazing medical staff members, and very soon will have the ability to run laboratory results in-house, with results available in a matter of minutes. These on-going improvements are geared to an emerging shelter prevention program, one meant to help people keep their pets with the availability of affordable medical care.

When my cat was sick, I was one one of the lucky ones who have access to veterinary care. There are many who don't, including neighbors consumed with making mortgage payments and friends who face the choice of paying for their son's college ACT test, or getting the dog neutered. We understand these struggles, and understand that it does not make you love your pets any less. Caring for your pet should not be a matter of luck, but a viable option, and we're extraordinarily grateful for the support that is making that option a reality in our community.

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. 
- Thomas Jefferson

A very special thank you to Dr. Spangler for giving Lucky 2 extras lives,
and now to Dr. Foster for adding a third.

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