April 3, 2014

Lessons from the Alumni

An afternoon email:

We adopted Rylee, one of "Jazmine's pups", nearly eight months ago, and took home a tiny little bundle of quiver. She wasn't sure about us, and over the first few days, I wasn't sure about her. I am so pleased to say that we have grown together well...she is a bundle of joy and we are so grateful to have her. She graduated from puppy obedience class, and that tail of hers rarely stops wagging And there is nothing tiny about her anymore!

I thought those of you who work and volunteer for Angels could always use some encouragement. This adoption was a tremendous match, and we appreciate your service.

Jasmine was pregnant when she was transferred to Angels of Assisi from a local pound. The dilemma with expecting dogs and cats entering into rescue is to spay and abort the babies, or not to spay and prepare for a foster home. Actually, I need to take that back- for many, this is not a dilemma at all, but an automatic decision to spay and lose the babies.

Our girl Jasmine had seven puppies shortly after arriving at Assisi, and with guidance from our trainer, Bobbie, went to foster, and the family stayed together to get proper socialization until they were 9 weeks old. The result? Seven wonderful pups, one who was adopted by Bobbie and comes to work in the mornings to help keep the balance with our adoption center dogs during play group time.

Another little one, Penelope, was adopted with mama Jasmine, and together they have an amazing, loving home, complete with a brand new couch that was bought just for them that they are allowed to lounge on.

We were delighted to get the update on Rylee, and it's made us very happy that Jasmine was in a position to have her babies. Some will say it is a no brainer to spay pregnant animals, simply because there are too many and not enough homes for them all. Call me a dreamer, but I don't buy that, especially with the intake of our local pound steadily decreasing by well over 2500 animals in the last 8 years. Spaying of pregnant animals may have been a viable option, or even close to a necessity in the not too distant past, but the time has come to take this unwritten policy out, dust it off, and give it another look.

There is never a bad time to step back, take a look and reevaluate life.
Somethings may need to move around, be taken out or put in place.
It is not starting over but simply taking action  
― B. Easley

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