March 27, 2014

Risk and Reward

Lori- held as a stray dog with a bulging tumor, limited vision, a soft, pretty coat, wagging tail, and a disposition exuding sunshine. One of our favorite animal control officers informed us that she had very little chance of survival. It probably was not worth pulling her from the pound. Argh. Dang it, she is such a nice a dog. You know what? I am just not used to people willing to take a risk on dogs that need so much, or have so little time. Yes, please come get her. Let's give her a chance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Enough said, Tammy was on her way. They rode back to Angels of Assisi with Lori's head on Tammy's shoulder, and even though she could not see the pretty day outside, we know she felt it. Upon arrival, Lori got lots of hands on love, told how beautiful she was, a visit to the play yard, and was witness to many conversations about the awesomeness that was her. She also got a medical exam, and the news was not good. The tumor was pushing her eye out, and the likelihood of her surviving any treatment was next to nothing. We asked if she could have two days in a foster home, and let her last time on this earth be in a home, surrounded by love. The answer: of course she can.  

Lori's foster mom arrived stat, but she did not make it out of our building. A massive stroke took her quickly, and left us all stunned. Rest in peace, little one. In the few short hours we knew you our hearts expanded looking for hope and a miracle, and then expanded some more knowing that the best we could do was give you a last few days of comfort and love, returning some of the sunshine that you were giving us. When that did not happen, those same hearts shattered, and now we're left with putting  the pieces together so they can embrace the next animal who needs us to take a chance. We'll do it in memory of you, and dedicate our mission to those who just aren't used to folks willing to take a risk, but go for it anyways.

This time yesterday we had not even met Lori, and now she is gone. Knowing what we do now, would we make the same choices? You bet. Sometimes you just have to try, hope for that miracle, and then understand that some miracles consist of a head on shoulder car ride kind of day.

There is no discovery without risk and what you risk reveals what you value.
-Jeanette Winterson


  1. Thank you for sharing her beautiful and heartbreakingly short story.

  2. Rest in peace as you live in the land of angels, poor darling. :'(