March 9, 2014

Logic:0, Heart:Won

Last Friday, on the way to the pound to euthanized a very thin, and very sick puppy, Roanoke City Animal Control stopped at Angels of Assisi to see if something, anything, could be done. The general consensus was no, he was probably too far gone.

Argh.... decision time. Either humanely euthanize him at our clinic, or let him go home with me, and have his moment on a nice, warm bed. Option 2 won the internal struggle, and off we went with pain meds, IV bags, and a don't get too attached because you know his chances are very slim but let's make his last night comfortable attitude.

He made it through the first syringe feeding, and then to the 6 hour mark for more medications. I know this sounds weird, but the studies about putting preemie twins together for the human touch factor to increase their chances of survival kept going through my head, and I wrapped him up and put him in the bed with me.

Next thing we knew, it was morning; he had beat the odds and made it through the night. And then this happened.

Drinking water suddenly became no problem, but we were still faced with the eating- eh, I'd prefer not to demeanor. More medications were added, the tail slowly became un-tucked and visible, but he had no interest in food and still had to be syringe fed every 3 hours.

As the campaign to get this dog to eat continued, I tossed some dry food on the floor next to him. That resulted in a weak, sad eyed nose turn up, until, all of a sudden... crunch crunch crunch. Another food toss into the folds of the blanket brought about some sniffing, followed by crunching. This slow but steady progress has been happening throughout the day, and although he is not out of the woods yet, we have growing hope that he is going to make it.

Thank you to all who have been pulling for him. Oftentimes we make decisions based not on logic, but on what the soul dictates. No matter what the outcome is for this Biscuit, we will have no regrets.

I know you're tired but come, this is the way.


  1. Beautiful baby......prayers are with you both for the complete recovery this little angel deserves.

  2. What an amazing story and I hope he continues to improve everyday! His story is amazing ♥♥

  3. This little baby deserves all the love and compassion we can muster. I am seriously rooting for this pup!

  4. OMG....what a amazing story...of unconditional love of humans towards a all but forgotten soul....tears of joy for knowing he felt love for maybe the first time

  5. I hope he pulls through this rough time and soon to play & bast in the sun. Miracles can happen and yes, human touch & showing this dog that someone cares will help him see that he can be loved.

  6. Good for you Love! This may end up being the Dog Of Your Life! We have three pets from Angels, one Buttermilk Biscuit who has turned out wonderful, so smart and loving. We wish you a long time with this sweet boy - Hope he is still improving - of course you put him in bed to sleep with you, of course! Thank you -