February 15, 2014

Where The Heart Is

A cat named Buddy came to us earlier this year from Botetourt Animal Control, and he was a scary sight. The skin around his bottom jaw was peeled back, a condition called degloved jaw. (If you are into very graphic images, go ahead and google that, but we don't recommend it.)

The lady who found him came to Angels of Assisi a few weeks later and hesitantly inquired about the sick cat. She was both surprised and delighted to hear that he pulled through, and came back the next week, and then the next. She came back again today, and told us how much Buddy meant to her with his kind and loving ways, and this time she did not leave alone. Buddy's adoption was signed and sealed, and he is on his way home. Thank you for your donations to the Biscuit Fund, ensuring yet one more happy ending.

Hold a true friend with both your hands. 
~Nigerian Proverb


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