February 26, 2014


Phone calls, emails, parking issues, and a sticky situation with our neighbor in the alley (if you saw the street lined with firetrucks, it's all good now) filled the day. There were deadlines to be made, accounts to be changed, and some big adjustments with staff schedules. Somewhere in the middle was a fairly detailed conversation about poop, including where the poop originated from, and the multitasking that was happening while it was being dealt with. It all ended with another frustrated call for help from West Virginia with a local pound situation.

Yet in the midst of the daily operations, or perhaps more a part of the daily operations, were some very lovely moments. We have an amazing new volunteer, 2 new dogs who are wiggly and soft and grateful for every bit of attention they can absorb; you would never know the horrific past one of them survived. We got sarcastic Matthew Brown to give us a darn good belly laugh, always good. Three Pets for Life clients brought their dogs for spay/neuter surgery today, and one of the dogs went home with some much needed medicine that he would not have received otherwise. Jane Brown, new in her position, but wise beyond her years, is bringing a wonderful energy to our front desk area- the face of Assisi has improved greatly with her reassuring presence.

Today Angels of Assisi did some nice things for folks in our community, and the folks in our community did some amazing things for us. We're looking forward to running with the Pets for Life program, and are about ready to announce an added service for our regular clients. Our team loves what we do for the animals- and their people- in our community, and the waters feel just right for continued change.

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