January 27, 2014


A weekend email:

I currently work at an animal hospital and there is a wonderful dog that has spent his entire life in a rabbit cage so small that he couldn't even stand in. He is now very malnourished and has horrible sores from not being able to move around. If you all pick up animals from shelters to adopt for better homes we would be so appreciative.

He's already improved some, and the photos are blurry because he is so happy to be around people. Can you help?



After some discussions and additional information, Angels of Assisi is all set to take this former rabbit hutch dweller in. Right now, he is part of a court case, but we are trying to get him released as soon as possible. He's in need of a name, some direction on how to be a dog, medical care, patience, and a family, and we can't wait to meet him and get started.


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