January 31, 2014


One of the highlights of the day is seeing our volunteer, Art. He arrives with a faithful helper who assists him down the stairs and situated into whatever area of the adoption center he chooses to spoil for the afternoon. Usually it is the cat colony on the back wall, and today I tease him that he chose a shirt to specifically match our chair, so it must be time for another photo op. Art grins and agrees, as cats lean into his familiar legs.

Coming to the adoption center is also a highlight of Art's day, and tomorrow night he has plans to go out to dinner; folks are taking him to KFC and he can't wait.

I absolutely love Art with his patient and gentle soul. He is what our cats need as they wait for new homes, someone to sit and just be with them. Watching Art's face and mannerisms while they interact shows that the cats are really, really good for him too, and that the bond between animals and humans is not to be taken lightly. Art is wise in many non-traditional ways, and we are lucky to be on the receiving end of his kindness.


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