March 29, 2013


Wednesday was a big day at Angels of Assisi. Two dogs arrived by airplane from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and our local pound, the RCACP, was in crisis mode as euthanasia cards hanging on kennel doors became public knowledge.

Staff and volunteers kicked into gear. The Angels of Assisi box truck was sent to the RCACP, and returned with six dogs and two puppies. It took a flurry of phone calls, emails, social networking, dog evaluations, kennel rearranging, new foster home approvals, and a lot of work to save these animals, and it was a wonderfully busy time.

Meanwhile, quietly through the back door, three setters arrived from the Franklin County pound. The director, Cindy Brooks, had made previous arrangements for them to come, and drove the new guys up to Angels of Assisi herself. They had arrived to her shelter in horrible condition, after their owner had been suffering from progressive dementia and was unable to take care of them; most likely she did not even remember they existed.

I particularly love how the this one reached his paw out to Laura as she took the photos in an effort to save their lives. That everlasting image of one outstretched paw, trusting that she would not hurt him, looking for hope, and a chance for a happy ever after.

It looks like he got his wish.

All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.
― Tahereh Mafi 

March 25, 2013


When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye,
the question of where you want to be has been answered.
- Author Unknown

We are lucky to have a few equines call Harmony Farm Sanctuary home, and over the weekend they were joined by a new member of their species. His name is Dennis, he is 34 years old, and he is wonderful.

Helper Cow, the one who has to be in the middle of everything, was naturally the first to extend salutations.

After the initial "What the... Who is.... " moment, meet and greets went well with Halo and
Hobo as well.

Harmony Farm Sanctuary is most likely a stop over for the new guy, as we await word from another horse rescue. But for the next few weeks we'll enjoy the magical sights, smells, and sounds that only a horse can bring, and there is nothing in the world more wonderful.

March 21, 2013

If The Name Fits

We just received our 3rd dog this month who has lost her owner. Officer Thrasher from Botetourt County brought her to us this evening, and she is scared and unsure of what she should be doing.

We're trying to convince her that a good meal and soft bed are all that is on the agenda for tonight. Tomorrow will bring a Vet check and a haircut. We think she is blind, but will figure that out as we go along.

We send our sincerest condolences to the family members and friends of her owner, and promise that we will do our best for her girl, who came to us named Biscuit. She's going to fit in just fine.

I dont think that we're meant to understand it all the time.
I think that sometimes we just have to have faith.
― Nicholas Sparks


March 19, 2013

Partners and Friends

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Brooks, the new Director of the Franklin County Animal Shelter (also know as the pound). As in overseeing any open intake facility, she has a tough job. Puppies, kittens, old dogs, un-socialized cats- whatever comes her way, she is responsible for.

Not too many years ago, the Franklin County pound had a very high kill rate, but with a lot of dedication things are turning around. We enjoyed meeting Cindy very much, and were happy that she transferred two litters of newborn kittens and their mama's to us for foster care.

Here is Cindy on the left, with our very special Franklin County girl, and the heart of Angels of Assisi, Tammy Javier.

Thank you, Cindy, and all those who are dedicated to helping the homeless animals in our neighboring county- we have tremendous respect for all you do, and will help in any way we can!

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning. 
- Bill Gates

Every Little Thing Is Going To Be OK

One of the new arrivals get a little reassurance from our trainer, Bobbie. We're not sure who is enjoying the extra TLC more...

No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.
  - Virginia Woolf

March 18, 2013

Will The Wizards Amongst Us Please Step Forward?


An interesting take on anger, a very common emotion in the rescue community.

"It comes down to how the anger is worked through: is it allowed to fester and warp us, forcing us to bend to it, or can we consciously work it out of ourselves, and, in the process, create something that makes the world just a little bit, or even a lot, better?

Channeling anger into something that is productive - in other words, something that I consider necessary, expansive, helpful and worthwhile - makes me very happy; it’s almost a process of wizardry"

Check out this link for more:

March 15, 2013

Ah, The Life Of A Biscuit

The little guy brought in from Botetourt County yesterday, missing half of his lower jaw, is doing pretty well.

He started out the day with breakfast and meds, a walk, and then got carried to the back office for a nap while we shuffled through the paperwork portion of the day. The bed is brand spanking new and he loves it, especially when covered with a blanket.  

Soon enough, it was potty break and lunch time. He went for another little walk, then got a visit from his favorite person, Xan.

After that, Bo from the adoption center came upstairs with a sweater still warm from the dryer.

Since he was looking so cute and irresistible, his bed was moved from the floor to the desk. While we finished emails and letters, he napped.

Soon after, Dr. Spangler hand delivered his afternoon medication, he watched out the window for a bit, and then was put up for the night.

All in all a good day, far from being lost in the woods, hungry, and cold yesterday. To all those that make these happy endings possible, well done, you are truly making a difference.

March 14, 2013

Sweet Little Old Guy Biscuit

This little guy was picked up in Botetourt County and brought to Angels of Assisi for medical care. He has severe teeth and jaw infections, and been has started on antibiotics. He also received IV fluids, a toenail trim, and a small soft meal.

After the big afternoon of riding in the Animal Control truck and medical ordeal, he is quietly napping in a back office. It is safe to say that he has captured all of our hearts.

We'll see how he does in the next few days, and are thankful that a foster home is ready and able whenever he is cleared to go. Thank you for supporting the Biscuit Fund

He is another who will benefit from the Biscuit Fund, and we appreciate all who work hard to enable help for these little souls who desperately need a friend in the world.



March 12, 2013

Tiny Little Biscuit Gets A Name

The new girl had numerous small meals today, along with a medical exam and blood work. We're guessing she is around 12 years old, and doing as well as she can for the shape she's in.

With her medical needs being tended to, we also took care of some equally important business. For starters, she got a new name, Hannah, in honor of  Botetourt Animal Control Officer Hannah for bringing her to us all wrapped up in a blanket last night.

She also got some extra TLC from one of the best volunteers in the whole wide world, Xan, the lady who has a gift for finding the ones that need her the most. It was no surprise that she and Hannah found each other today. Xan's timing, as usual, was perfect.

Just because an animal is on stay hold is no reason not to address both sides of their well being, and we're grateful to be part of a team that makes that happen.

Rest up and keep gaining your strength back, little Hannah, things are looking up.

A Tiny Little Biscuit

Officer Hannah brought us a new girl last night, one who has been on her own for far too long. Weighing in at a whopping 5.6 pounds, she is on a special feeding schedule. We believe that given a little time, she will grow back into those ears.

This Botetourt County stray dog is another that will be benefit from the Biscuit Fund- as always, we appreciate your support!


March 9, 2013


Imagine being afraid in your own home, the one place in the world where you should feel safe.

Imagine having such a need to get out, that you start throw your basic necessities in the car, preparing to leave.  

Imagine that in trying to save yourself, finding the courage to also save the innocent lives that are caught in the crossfire.

Imagine grabbing up those innocent lives, your eleven cats, without carriers, and shoving them all in the car.

Imagine taking them to the pound, hoping they will be safer there than in your home.

This is the situation that a local lady found herself in yesterday, and how eleven cats ended up at RCACP. Some needed medical attention, and because the RCACP is not in a position to provide medical care to owner surrendered animals, the staff called Angels of Assisi for help.

All eleven were transferred to our care within a few hours.

They are settling in nicely, receiving medications, and will be ready for adoption soon. Thank you to all for helping out, and thank you for your continued donations to be able to care for animals such as these. And more than anything, thank you for embracing the fact that the Angels of Assisi mission is not only about the animals, but more and more about the people that love them. Sometimes they need some help too.