December 2, 2013


This past year, while Angels of Assisi developed several programs aimed at pet retention, another wonderful agency in our community has made great strides in their mission to help senior citizens remain safely at home with innovative resources promoting independence.

It seems natural that our two missions, one for the welfare of pets, one for people, would intertwine, and we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Kissito Pace. Molly was one of the first pets to benefit. She and her two feline friends stayed at Angels of Assisi for a few days, and received a medical exam, wellness update, and a grooming for good measure. Her owners recently settled into their very own apartment, and we were pleased to send their beloved pets home with a clean health check, big new bed, and toys.

If the day comes when Molly's owners cannot care for her, we'll be here to help then as well. Meanwhile, the beloved family remains together, with community resources to help keep them safe and sound. And that, friends, is what it is all about.


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