December 16, 2013

Heart Biscuits

The broken ones need someone to fight for them even harder.
- Carrie Ryan

Pearl and Six arrived at Angels of Assisi last week, after much collaboration between the good people at Vinton Veterinary hospital, Vinton Animal Control, and concerned family members. We're calling them Biscuits, even though, outwardly, they are in good shape. They have been fed well, and have no signs of physical neglect or abuse.

The haunting sadness about these two is that their wounds are on the inside. For years they were locked in a house with little to no socialization. No dog parks, no walks, and rarely let outside to even use the bathroom. Their owner had some pretty big demons of her own, and her dogs suffered along with her.

Some say that the inner hurt due to mental and emotional abuse is the worst possible kind, and nothing is as deafening quiet as a heart shattering in the place one needs to feel most safe - at home.

Pearl and Six have had their fair share of heartache, and that is about to change. Their muzzles may be gray, but we're determined to teach these old dogs some new tricks, starting with human touch and kindness. In a way, we need to start over and give them a head's up on what it is like to actually be a true companion, a well mannered member of the family, and a trusting friend. Fortunately, judging from the pleading look in their eyes, they seem more than ready to meet us halfway.


  1. I am so thankful for your help with Pearle and Six. Six was born on Christmas Day so Happy birthday Six and thank you to Pearle for being a wonderful momma. May the rest of your time on this earth be blessed with much love, frequent walks outside and treats as far as the eye can see. Merry Christmas to you and the Angels that rescued and are caring for you. So much love into 2014.

    1. Pearl has been adopted! Email me for the details!!