December 5, 2013

Bringing Home The Information

I am heading out to Atlanta, Georgia this morning for a training session on  Pets for Life, a groundbreaking program founded by the Humane Society of the United States. Angels of Assisi was granted one of eight new Pets for Life mentorship opportunities, joining eleven established programs nationwide.

The gist of Pets for Life is to make pet care available for underserved families- partly to reduce the number of animals entering pounds, and partly to enrich the lives of these pets and the people who truly care about them.

It's an honor to be a part of this HSUS division, and I will be joining with folks from San Antonio, Memphis, Jacksonville, and across the country for the next few days to learn, network, and then bring it all back home to Roanoke.

This trip will evolve into a new service provided by Angels of Assisi, and it's dedicated to the neglected dogs living on chains and to the invisible cats who are confined and then killed at our local pound- we want a better life for them.

More than that, it's for the folks who love their pets and try hard to provide for them - from the gentleman who walks to Angels of Assisi and very politely and graciously picks up dog food from our food pantry every few days, to the folks who use our low cost clinic and diligently make monthly payments to cover the cost. We want to make pet care more accessible for everyone, and this is another step in making that happen.

I find that I run out of ways to say thank you to all who work side by side with us, day in and day out, but know that, from the heart, you all are truly valued and appreciated. We're looking forward to taking it up a notch, and know that we can with you behind us. See you all in a few days-


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