November 5, 2013

The Angels at Assisi

What is you kitty's name?
Chloe. Chloe Sue.

What is she here for?
For her shots and to get her nails trimmed.

She seems very sweet- where did you get her?
From the SPCA. Not the pound building where they can put animals down. The SPCA is behind them and they are a no kill shelter. That was important to me. She has lived through 2 rounds of antibiotics and now I just want to make sure she stays healthy.


How about your cat? What is her name?

What is she here for?
Whatever she needs. I.... I lost my other cat about a year ago. She had to have surgery on her eye and then had cancer... I spent over $1000 on the surgery, then more with her cancer and I still lost her. I couldn't do it again, I was worried to take my cat to the Vet because I did not want them find anything wrong with her. She is 16 years old. But then my daughter told me about this place so here we are.

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