November 4, 2013

Puppies and Kittens and Pigs...

We got a new guy from Bedford Animal Control today, and he is pretty awesome. His name is Bacon... his name is Jimmy Dean.... he needs a new name, and some of our well meaning staff and volunteers need a little sensitivity training!


Being able to say "yes" and provide shelter and care not only to dogs and cats, but to other animals in need makes us one thing for certain- the luckiest rescue in Virginia. Mr. Needs A Real Name is on his way to safety at Harmony Farm Sanctuary, and is in full agreement.



  1. How about Mr. Francis? Francis Bacon makes it a good pun name without (hopefully) the reminder that pigs can be delicious.

    Thanks for doing the work that you do and making a difference in this world!

  2. BRUNK is his name

  3. Where is piggy now?

  4. How is Brunk?