November 4, 2013

Making Virginia Safer for Animals: Keep Up The Good Work!

We wanted to share some exciting news and success stories with you and tell you some simple things you can do to make Virginia a safer place for the animals you are helping on a daily basis.

In Virginia, there is a lot of work to be done to make our state a more humane one. We need legislation that would help prevent owners from keeping their dogs chained for extended periods of time. We all would like to see puppy mills outlawed. We want to ensure that Virginia’s leaders are compassionate toward all animals.
Humane Dominion’s sole purpose is to provide an avenue for all Virginia animal lovers to come together as a voice for the animals. Through our combined forces, Humane Dominion has been working to elect officials into office who are supportive of animal issues.
We've had some big news and important successes in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election:

  • Humane Dominion endorsed its first slate of wonderful, animal friendly candidates, from both parties. You can view our list of endorsed candidates by clicking here.

  • Mark Herring, candidate for Attorney General, did something highly unprecedented and used animal issues as a platform to run on after receiving Humane Dominion’s endorsement. This shows that Virginia candidates are beginning to realize the large number of animal lovers we have and understand that they must stand with us on animal issues in order to earn the votes of animal lovers and ultimately win the election. You can learn more and view the graphic flyer that Herring created highlighting where he and his opponent stand on animal issues by visiting this site:

  • Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's campaign recently took a page out of Mark Herring's book when they realized that opponent Cucinelli was one of the other two Senators (along with Obenshain, Mark Herring’s opponent) that voted against a puppy mill law and made a huge share graphic that the Democratic Party of VA pushed out.  (You can see this on the Humane Dominion Facebook page) That is HUGE!  All eyes around the country are on this Gubernatorial race and in a few short months our little PAC has put the animals on center stage-- so exciting!! Never has a VA Governor's race talked about the animal vote!!!!
We are going to have a very successful slate of candidates on November 5th but no matter what happens at the top of the ticket, Humane Dominion has made animals MATTER with Virginia legislators.  We have made this issue RELEVANT. That is huge-- so huge..... We will feel the momentum and power we have gained by our new army of candidates and the new aura of importance animal welfare issues will carry in the General Assembly in January. And we can do so much more with a broader audience and more advocates.

None of this can be successful without getting the word out about these candidates and why it is important to vote in the Virginia state elections on November 5. Here is how. Anything you can do to help us spread the word to the many animal lovers you know would be greatly appreciated! Together we are going to make Virginia a safe place for the helpless creatures you all do so much for!

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