November 18, 2013

Flip Side

Eragon was adopted yesterday, and now has a wonderful home with a big back yard, complete with his own gazebo. Best of all, he has a lady who will love and cherish him for the good boy that he is.

These photos are dedicated to the heroes working the front lines in animal neglect and cruelty. Puppy mills, hoarding situations, and animal cruelty are heartbreaking and life changing experiences for those dedicated to combating these evils. Witnessing the abuse of innocent lives is something that most of us cannot even imagine, let alone have the determination to investigate, document, and prosecute the injustices done to these sentient beings. Our deepest respect and admiration for those who have the perseverance to keep fighting the good fight. We're behind you all the way, and will honor your services by doing our very best to keep the happy endings rolling. Meanwhile, we will never, ever forget the diligence behind them.

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