November 8, 2013

Biscuit BFFs

We got an amazing email stating that everyone's favorite girl, Harvest, is doing well in her foster home. She and her family are getting some support and camaraderie with another favorite Biscuit of ours, named Rosie. Rosie has been through the whole naked dog due to allergies thing, and her family have managed it like champs. We delighted for both dogs, and even more so to see the Angels of Assisi family of caring and supportive people grow each day.

(You can ready about Rosie here


Dear staff-

Thank you again for taking the time to introduce us to Harvest. We absolutely adore her! I brought her into the Angels clinic today and was surprised by the number of people who have been following her story. She loves playing fetch in the driveway, but I think would really prefer playing in the grassy backyard (if only she knew that she had allergies ...)

Today, was a pretty exciting day for her because she met two new friends (Scout and Rosie). Coincidentally, Rosie's parents are my graduate school advisors and have been super helpful in giving me some tips for managing Harvest's allergies as Rosie was in a similar situation. Anyway, Harvest and Rosie really enjoyed spending time together and since they are both a part of the Angels family, I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of both of them

Hope all is well back at the adoption center!

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