October 11, 2013

We See You Loud & Clear

In times of tragedy, look for the helpers. They are always there.
Perhaps on the sidelines, but the helpers are always there.
~  Nancy McFeely Rogers Fred Rogers Mother

Ever since Louie was found in a dumpster in Franklin County, he has been in foster care. While there, he has been raised to be a pretty wonderful dog. He arrived at our clinic today for his neuter surgery, with his head on his mom's shoulder, and armed with his very own pink blanket. After some hugs and reassurances, she left him with us, but only for the day; she'll back at 5 pm, and sign his adoption papers.

The moral of his story is this- yes, some pretty horrific person left him at the dumpster to die, or possibly hoping that he would be found and rescued. Either way, he was in danger. Louie, however, is safe, sound, and very much loved today, all because of the kindness of a stranger. All because of those helpers in the world are doing their thing, and making such a difference.


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