October 23, 2013

The Angels at Assisi

I have often told people in the animal welfare world that if they want to see the very best of humankind, the everyday people with a tremendous compassion for animals, then come and sit in our clinic lobby for an hour or two. Come meet the people who have patiently waded through our phone system, those who have driven and searched for a place to park, or those who have walked or used public transportation. Come talk to those who have brought their dogs in the most expensive of harnesses and those who have no choice but to bring their cats in extra large Bojangles carrying cases. They all have one common connection: they want what is best for their animals, and they are doing their best to provide them care. We are honored that they choose Angels of Assisi to meet them halfway.

Here are few from today.

What is your dog's name?

Why did you bring him to Angels of Assisi today?
To get needles and medicines for his shots. He has a vitamin deficiency.

Where did you get him?
I bought him because he needed help.


Do you mind if we take a photo of you and your dog?
Sure you can!

What is her name?
Oreo, like the cookie.

What are you here for today?
She got updated on all of her shots! And the best part, a toenail trim!

Where did you get her?
My nephew, he was moving, long story. We did not want her to go to the pound, she is a great dog and we love her.


Is this the dog we saw on facebook last night? The one with the horrible mange?
Yes, she actually looks better since yesterday. When we saw her for sale, we knew she needed help. We took her to the Botetourt Vet yesterday, and she is on 3 medications.

What is her name?
Dori, With an i.

Are you having trouble today? Is that why you brought her here?
No, we just wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could for her.

And so the stories go, day after day, of good people doing good things. We're starting this new feature on the blog to share these stories, and truly appreciate the goodhearted folks who make them happen.

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