October 24, 2013

The Angels at Assisi 10.24.2013

What is you dog's name?
Sebastian. He is 7 years old.

Why is he here today?
His left ear is swollen, and I wanted to get it checked out.

Where did you get him?
He belonged to my ex-girlfriend..........
when she died, I took all of her animals in.


Cute dog! Thank you for coming to Angels of Assisi today.
Thank you- I told them when I made the appointment that she looks kind of like a pot belly pig, but that she is really the biggest little dog you will ever see.

What is her name?

How do you spell that?
I am not exactly sure, I just got her.

Where did you get her from?
This girl, who was being helped by Goodwill, it did not work out. She had to go back to a group home, and I did not want to see her dog go to the pound. I took her in, and I want to get her shots done and get her spayed. She also has a little tumor that needs to be taken off. The girl on the phone said we get all of that done for about 95 dollars. I can do that.

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