October 5, 2013

Saturday Night Special

Our stinky Botetourt Biscuit got a much needed makeover today, in the form of 4 (!) baths, and hours on the grooming table. The feeling of being free from all the matted hair must be pretty exhilarating, because he has not stopped moving since. Our friend Liam picked out a new name, Grover, and we think it fits just right.

We've made another step in the right direction, and promise to get some better photos this weekend. He was a dog on the go today, and it just seemed best to let him enjoy the freedom. Tomorrow will bring more medications, additional skin care, and some much needed one on one time with staff and volunteers.

Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody.
It's a good life, enjoy it.  
― Jim Henson

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