October 15, 2013

Letting The Dogs Out

There is no doubt that a shelter is a stressful place for dogs, and there is even less doubt that the Angels of Assisi staff and volunteers do the very best they can to make our dogs as balanced and socialized as possible, readying them for new families.

It's called shelter enrichment, and a big part of it is letting dogs be dogs. They need to run and jump and bounce and roughhouse: they need to play. We know the history on some of the dogs pictured below, and they have come from horrific living conditions; some came with no background history whatsoever. Either way, we get to know them as they are when they arrive, and make adjustments to their plan of care in the adoption center. Playgroups are a huge part of improving their well being, and it does our heart some good to watch them letting go and having fun.


And, when it is time to come inside, they get peanut butter filled toys, for a job well done. Volunteers not only keep us supplied in the PB & K (peanut butter and Kong) supplies, but they also help prepare them, often two or three times a day.

The shelter dog enrichment program is one that we are extremely grateful to provide, and it would not have happened without the dedication of our trainer, Bobbie. She lives and breathes for the dogs in our care, and has had the good sense to surround herself with some pretty amazing mentors and volunteers. Thank you to the many who fall in that category, and to the many who donate in other ways to make home away from home a better place for the canines in our care, and giving them a solid foundation for their future.

When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.
- Seán O'Casey,

Thanks to Carrie for capturing the memories!

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