September 29, 2013

Two & Seven

A dog named Noble is one or our favorite success stories. We just got an email update on him, titled Another update on Noble 2 years and 7 months later - we adopted him Feb 11, 2011 and could not be happier. Here it is, with a little history first:

February 5, 2011
A Friendly Office Reminder
Noble was rescued from Galax last summer, along with 15 other dogs and a 30 year old horse. He lived on a sanctuary of sorts and had the run of several acres, along with a pond, and a thoughtful caretaker. The lady that had for years opened up her home to abused and neglected animals had cancer, and her time left on earth was uncertain but short.

When neighbors told this wonderful lady that her dogs and horse were coming to Angels of Assisi and Harmony Farm Sanctuary, it was 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. She died at 4 pm the same day. I know she wanted to make sure her four legged family was safe.

The dogs arrived shortly after, and they were scared and unsure of what was happening. Each one had meticulous medical records, was updated on shots, and negative for heartworms. Slowly their personalities emerged and foster homes and adoptions took place... for all but Noble.

Nobel was fearful beyond words. There were days that we could not get him out of his kennel because he bared his teeth and refused to move. The one person he trusted was Dr. Spangler, and she would go and take him in and out. Once out of the kennel, he would press up against her side and beg to be petted.

A visit from Dr. Jackson Savage really helped Noble as well as the staff and volunteers who take care of him. Dr. Savage explained that Noble was not aggressive, just afraid. He really, really hated the loud noise in the kennel area, and hated being cooped up.

We started taking Noble in and out, in and out, with a lot of reassurance and a few treats. He went for walks, and slowly the tail that had been tucked between his legs for months started coming up. We moved him to a quieter place in the adoption center, and he improved even more.

Noble has become very attached to several of the staff members and volunteers- Tim, Francis, Bo, Bobbie, Sarah, Rose, and of course his first buddy Dr. Spangler. Once you gain his trust, he is your most loyal and faithful friend. He loves to go to the dog park, and his favorite thing in the whole wide world is to go for car rides.

His other favorite thing in the world is to be with the person he trusts. Noble will stick to that person like glue, and if you take a break from petting him he will gently nudge his nose under your hand as a friendly reminder that he is still there and waiting.

Yesterday, Noble moved into one of the offices and he seems to like it. Having him there makes for a better work day on our end too.

Dr. Savage feels that Noble would make the perfect dog for a retired couple or a retired gentleman.

He needs someone to go for car rides with, someone to be faithful to, someone to spend time with and somewhere not to be caged or kenneled.

In return he will give you his undivided love and attention. And if he thinks you’ve forgotten, he'll give you a friendly reminder that he will always be there, and waiting.

February 11, 2011
Best Day Ever!
Noble - the dog we thought would never in a million years find a good home -  went home today. To a wonderful, loving home. His new canine brother was adopted from us as a puppy, and they sure do look like they came from the same litter. We'll never know for sure if they are related, but we do know that Noble will be loved and cared for, and he'll do his best to love his new family as well.

A huge, special, tremendous shout out to Dr. Jackson Savage, who directed us and showed us how to give Nobel the chance he needed. Thanks to him, Noble is a happier and more confident dog. And now he is member of a real family and out of the office.

Here he is meeting his new family- Noble is on the left in these photos.

Another update on Noble
2 years and 7 months later - we adopted him Feb 11, 2011

Noble is on the right – still doing great and hanging with his brother in the back yard…just in case the office is wondering how he is doing – he is not afraid of much anymore and part of the family.

We are tremendously grateful for Noble's family, and seeing him happy and healthy brings about another sort of thankfulness. Two years and seven months ago, we did not have a dog trainer on staff. We did not have a shelter enrichment program, complete with Kongs and playgroups. We did not have a shy dog protocol, let alone special volunteers and foster homes to patiently work with them. We did not have an extensive dog walker and foster program. We do now. And while there is still much to learn and do (can't wait!), we have come a long, long way since Noble would not come out of his kennel. By all accounts, so has he, and seeing how we have both grown does a heart good. Thank you to all who have made it possible.

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  1. This is a wonderful story. It breaks my heart when I see a frightened dog in a kennel, lost and confused, having no idea in the world why he's there. I love to see them come out of their shell and start to trust people. Thank you for doing this for them.