September 19, 2013

Time and Patience

This worried girl arrived yesterday from Fauquier County, one of 24 dogs that were found in horrible living conditions. The rescue was of large scale, and those involved from throughout the state are trying hard to make it a successful one by ensuring that not only do all of the dogs survive, but that they have no reason to be apprehensive again.

Based on the fact that she crawled on her belly from the car to the adoption center, we have to put in some time and patience to get that worried look off of her face, but it will happen. Staff and volunteers will help work their magic with walks, play time, quiet time, and lots of love: the perfect recipe for a fresh start.

Many thanks to Marcia for transporting these girls to Angels of Assisi,
and to Waynette for giving them that extra something special.

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there one day.
~ A.A. Milne    



  1. What a beautiful girl. I hope she is able to make a full recovery! Poor thing.

  2. I talked to this girl today. She stayed huddled in the back of her crate--wouldn't even come up front to eat the dog biscuit I put in there for her. She's sooo scared. I feel very bad for her. She's a beautiful girl. I hope the staff will be able to make her feel at home soon.