August 10, 2013


Shelter dogs need consistent physical and mental exercise. Typically we think we are doing the very best thing by getting them out for walks, runs, dog park time, and play groups. The one piece of the puzzle we have not always accounted for is their need for quiet time.

Fortunately for the the canines in our care, the Angels of Assisi staff has tuned into this need. They are even more fortunate to have some very wonderful volunteers who make it happen. From little old dogs who need couch and cuddle time, to big old hound dogs who need to learn how to settle down in a home-like environment, our "meet and greet" room has doubled to serve this need, and seen it all.

Assigned quiet time is especially helpful for shy dogs, like Raisin, shown here.

In the stillness of this room, coupled with the patience of a volunteer, Raisin was hand fed, allowed to belly crawl across the floor freely, and introduced to human kindness, all in a safe place.

This aspect of shelter enrichment is a testimony to how each of us plays a role in the lives of shelter pets, and the quietest of us are equally important. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you.

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp,
but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

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