August 18, 2013

Life Shots

Yesterday was International Homeless Animals Day, and suggestions from the sponsoring society included candle light vigils, heartfelt speeches, and award ceremonies. Staff and volunteers concurred that the very best way to honor the animals was to go ahead and change their status from homeless pets to family pets, and so we did.

Adoptions were facilitated from both Angels of Assisi and the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection, and it was a happy flurry of parents, kids, single guys, and older couples, all looking to add a member to their family.

The perfect Going Home images are always awesome to get and to share, but, as mentioned, the day was whiz of activity, and there were more bloopers than portraits. Our photos memorializing the day are blurry, imperfect, and wiggly, and yet full of hope for the future. In essence, they symbolize life, and we are just fine with that. Congrats to all!

1 comment:

  1. The first dog looks my Sam. He's a walker hound I found at the dumpsters Jan. 2012. Love that dog to pieces.