July 30, 2013

This Guy

When the day has been long and complicated with P & L sheets, staffing issues, changing insurance premiums, rising medical supply costs, major computer glitches, and you walk down the steps into the adoption center and see this guy, with this cat, you know it is all worthwhile.

It's Bill, and his presence is made known by the pristine gray baseball hat set aside on the adoption center counter. You see the hat first because Bill is usually a blur whizzing around cleaning cat dishes and pans. It's rare to see him sit, but when he does, it's a reminder that while we all have our own swirling mass of responsibilities, it's of the essence to remember who we are doing it for, and why. The dogs and cats in our building do not know how hard we work to pay the bills, but they do know the importance of a kind human hand. Thank you to Bill and all of volunteers for helping us out in this very important department.

1 comment:

  1. The first time I met him I saw the love and compassion he has for ALL the cats there, especially Zach :) He out works me when I volunteer. Love this man!!

    Kristel Brizendine