July 15, 2013


This past week brought about another milestone for the staff and volunteers at Angels of Assisi and the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection. For the first time, animals were allowed to be adopted straight from the pound without long waits, pre-arranged appointments, and phone tags.

Here is how the process used to work:

- Family sees an animal at the pound and expresses interest.
- Family is told they cannot adopt straight from the pound.
- Family fills out an adoption interest form.
- Family is confused on how or who to go to for application.
- Busy RCACP staff tries to filter info to area rescue groups, who are also very busy.
- Cracks are filled with requests, misinformation, and frustration.

On July 1, the municipalities officially became in charge of the pound. Shortly after, RCACP staff approached Angels of Assisi and asked if we would come on-site to facilitate adoptions once or twice a month. We really liked the idea, so much that we thought it best to do it up right. Why not simplify the process and have a dedicated Angels of Assisi staff member at RCACP everyday throughout the week, and make it easy for folks to adopt?

If this past week is any indication of the good things that can come from breaking down the barriers, we'll take it!

Thank you to the RCACP staff and volunteers for all the help in getting the animals adopted, and thank you to the Angels of Assisi staff for adding in extra spay/neuter surgeries and paperwork. Mostly, we thank the families who choose to take one of these animals and give them a place to call home.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.
― Henry David Thoreau

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