June 5, 2013

Ethan's Story

RCACP Euthanasia Review:

Comments: too scared to vaccinate Seems to be shutting down- staff cannot interact with the dog- does not seem to be sick or in any pain, just very afraid.

After his stray hold time was up, number 973567 was added to the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection's euthanasia list on June 3. He was deemed too scared to be added to a public website of adoptable animals, and that he should not be taking up cage space.

After he appeared on the list of animals to be euthanized, volunteers went in to visit him, and found that he was terrified inside his kennel. However, he gently accepted a few treats, and perked up considerably once he was taken out.

They felt he was indeed adoptable, and deserving of a chance, and we agreed. He was transferred to Angels of Assisi immediately, and began his journey of healing with quiet kennel, a treat filled Kong, and a lot of hope that he'll be at ease with himself and others very soon.

And so begins the journey of Ethan, another shy and timid dog; one that is looking for a foster home to help him be all that he can be. He will never be on a euthanasia list again, and we believe he will be a shining example that dogs who "seem to be shutting down" deserve to go out the front door with people not only willing and able to care for them, but will love each and every moment.

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