May 22, 2013


The Roanoker Magazine had more than 51,000 individual votes in their annual Best Of issue, and Angels of Assisi won silver for Most Worthy Group to Donate to or Volunteer For.

Pretty darn cool, thank you!

Our non-profit organization started in August of 2001 with a mobile spay/neuter clinic, and a mission to stop the needless killing of homeless animals. At that time, well over 8000 animals a year were killed at our local pound, and high volume, low cost spay and neuter seemed the best way to lower those numbers. Nipping it in the bud, so to speak. Last year, after 80,000 + surgeries, the number of homeless animals killed was 1718. Still not ideal, but we're getting there.

The spay neuter shuttle evolved into a building, the building added an adoption center, and then a wellness clinic. Along the way, the dream of having a sanctuary for farm animals became a reality.

Angels of Assisi has facilitated thousands of adoptions, and helped with rescues ranging from hoarding situations to the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee for orphaned kittens. The Biscuit Fund for abused and neglected pets was another milestone, not only caring for and rehabilitating those animals, but also playing a part in the legal system to prevent owners from harming any more. 

Most of our funding comes from the services we provide, because we have always made it a priority  to be self-sufficient and provide security for not only our animals, but also for our team of over 30 staff members, volunteers, foster homes, and community. One of the best compliments we ever received was that "Angels of Assisi is one of the hardest working charities in Roanoke; they do not sit back and ask for money, they work for it".

Donations from the community bring it all together, and from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate your support. Like pieces of the puzzle, everyone plays a tremendous role in the big picture; together, we have made some pretty remarkable progress.

Our promise to you is that we will keep up the hard work, and maintain the vision to make our community a progressive one for the animals and people who need a helping hand along the way.


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