May 3, 2013

Into Her Sunset Years

Vanilla came last to us last week, when her owner literally left all her worldly possessions, grabbed her son and 2 dogs, and stopped at Angels of Assisi to surrender the canine members of her broken family on the way to a woman's shelter.

We took her dogs, with the promise that they would be safe and we would commit to them for the rest of their lives. She was relieved, thankful, and very gracious throughout the paperwork transaction. Her little boy was not exactly aware of what was happening, and she was trying to make it Just Another Monday, as if the sudden upheaval was not a big deal. Although brave, her smile had fragility and suppressed trepidation behind it; it was the kind of smile that could quickly turn to tears if someone went the extra step and was a little too nice. Our interaction must have crossed that vulnerable line, and tears leaked out as she hugged us extra-long on her way out.

Although we do not know where she is, or how to tell her, we hope that one day she will know that her senior girl has found a wonderful home. Vanilla’s new dad is quite smitten with her, and the small act of kindness shown when he gently lifted her into the car spoke volumes.

It is a relief that Vanilla is going to well cared for and safe. Her companion, Roxy, will also find her home soon. Here's to hoping their former owner, the lady with the brave and gracious smile, has found her safe place as well.

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