May 15, 2013

Looking For A Cure

My right pant leg is all steamy, and I can't get up from my chair and move freely.

It seems that I have come down with something, and I just cannot shake it. Although it goes into remission, the affliction is a chronic one, always bringing heartache and hope for a cure. It's called I've Got A Scared New Office Dog Syndrome.

At the age of 14, Spike was turned into the RCACP (pound) several weeks ago. After the SPCA took his much younger housemate who was surrendered with him, the RCACP staff did a great job of making sure he would find a place at Angels of Assisi. And so he did.

My back office is one of the quieter places in the building, and he was brought to stay while we find a new home for him. He has blankets, beds, and chew toys, but he prefers to stay right next to me. My leg is steamy from him breathing on me, and he prefers to stand instead of sit so he can rest his chin on the coveted steamy leg. When I get up to move, he is right with me every step of the way, seemingly very worried that I too, will leave him and never come back. These photos of him are the best I can do, because he is always this close.


If anyone out there is looking to do good, to give back, or be a friend to someone in need, here is your chance. Spike is very easy going, and seems younger than his 14 years. He needs a someone to breath on and stay close to. In return, I bet he gives you the best years of his life, and makes a difference in yours. Please contact us at, or stop in and see him for yourself.

Dogs are a gift to mankind. They are happy and joyful and loyal by nature. They are pure, positive energy and teach by example. That is all that's required of them.
Alyson Noel    

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  1. Shared on Facebook with a personal plea from me! Thank you, thank you for saving Spike!