March 9, 2013


Imagine being afraid in your own home, the one place in the world where you should feel safe.

Imagine having such a need to get out, that you start throw your basic necessities in the car, preparing to leave.  

Imagine that in trying to save yourself, finding the courage to also save the innocent lives that are caught in the crossfire.

Imagine grabbing up those innocent lives, your eleven cats, without carriers, and shoving them all in the car.

Imagine taking them to the pound, hoping they will be safer there than in your home.

This is the situation that a local lady found herself in yesterday, and how eleven cats ended up at RCACP. Some needed medical attention, and because the RCACP is not in a position to provide medical care to owner surrendered animals, the staff called Angels of Assisi for help.

All eleven were transferred to our care within a few hours.

They are settling in nicely, receiving medications, and will be ready for adoption soon. Thank you to all for helping out, and thank you for your continued donations to be able to care for animals such as these. And more than anything, thank you for embracing the fact that the Angels of Assisi mission is not only about the animals, but more and more about the people that love them. Sometimes they need some help too.




  1. Love those Angels at Angels of Assisi. Once again, you are truly animal ANGELS!

  2. Love those angels at Angels of Assisi. Once again, you are truly animal ANGELS!

  3. Thank you, Angels of Assisi for aiding in this rescue.
    This woman was so very, very brave. May she find peace in knowing that she saved 12 lives when she left. I wish her safety and healing.