March 19, 2013

Partners and Friends

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Brooks, the new Director of the Franklin County Animal Shelter (also know as the pound). As in overseeing any open intake facility, she has a tough job. Puppies, kittens, old dogs, un-socialized cats- whatever comes her way, she is responsible for.

Not too many years ago, the Franklin County pound had a very high kill rate, but with a lot of dedication things are turning around. We enjoyed meeting Cindy very much, and were happy that she transferred two litters of newborn kittens and their mama's to us for foster care.

Here is Cindy on the left, with our very special Franklin County girl, and the heart of Angels of Assisi, Tammy Javier.

Thank you, Cindy, and all those who are dedicated to helping the homeless animals in our neighboring county- we have tremendous respect for all you do, and will help in any way we can!

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning. 
- Bill Gates

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