March 14, 2013

Sweet Little Old Guy Biscuit

This little guy was picked up in Botetourt County and brought to Angels of Assisi for medical care. He has severe teeth and jaw infections, and been has started on antibiotics. He also received IV fluids, a toenail trim, and a small soft meal.

After the big afternoon of riding in the Animal Control truck and medical ordeal, he is quietly napping in a back office. It is safe to say that he has captured all of our hearts.

We'll see how he does in the next few days, and are thankful that a foster home is ready and able whenever he is cleared to go. Thank you for supporting the Biscuit Fund

He is another who will benefit from the Biscuit Fund, and we appreciate all who work hard to enable help for these little souls who desperately need a friend in the world.



1 comment:

  1. My heart is literally breaking and I am in tears! May God bless you all for saving him. I have 4 rescues of my own.