March 3, 2013

An Update On Izzy

Hi there,

Back in mid-December my husband and I visited Angels of Assisi and hoped to come home with a new canine family member.  After looking through the adoptable dogs online, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who that would be.  What I didn't expect was to be drawn in by another young hound mix that hadn't even been on my radar.  In the midst of the excited barking and leaping of the dogs around her, she stood quietly on top of her doghouse, gazed calmly into my eyes, and slowly wagged her tail.  She was such a contrast, standing peacefully above the relative chaos below, as if she was confident that we would take notice and bring her out for a visit.  

We did, and she continued to impress us with her calm nature and desire to stand near us when we took her to the play area about back.  She's what my husband likes to call a "leaner"--one of those dogs who loves to stand close to your leg and lean her weight into you.  After spending time with her and chatting about her with the Angels of Assisi staff, we decided she was coming home with us.  I had to tear myself away from the other dogs, and I headed upstairs with very mixed emotions, but my confidence in our decision grew quickly as I realized what a good-natured dog our new family member Isabelle, "Izzy," really was.  

We're enjoying getting to know Izzy better and seeing all the sides of personality.  She is quite intelligent, incredibly treat-motivated, extremely curious about new places and people, and leery of random objects (e.g. a stuffed cat, a pillow, a rock...) when they're in a different place than she's used to!  She has the nose and intensity you'd expect from a hound; her favorite pastime is diving nose-first into mole tunnels and digging furiously (and fruitlessly) for the little critters.  Izzy enjoys hiking with us, loves water, and is quickly becoming my best running partner as her leash manners rapidly improve. We're clicker training her, and she is a very, very fast learner.  She's been to the local farmer's market a couple of times, and today she took her first trip to the dog park, where she got over her initial insecurity and played nicely with the other dogs, frequently coming over to "check in" with us.  

Izzy has been such a wonderful addition to our home.  Every day when I cuddle with her on "her" couch, every time I rub behind her silky-soft ears, and every time I'm greeted at the door by her wagging tail and wiggly butt, I am reminded of how grateful I am that she chose us that day at Angels of Assisi!  Thank you for being there for Izzy when she needed someone most, and thank you for helping us get connected with her!  


I'm attaching a couple of photos of Izzy in her new life.  Thanks again for everything. 


You've made our day, Jaime! Thank you for for giving her such a wonderful new life!

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