March 4, 2013

Alumni Monday

Hello Angels!

I told myself that I would email you guys sooner than this, but life and school always seemed to get in the way. Anyway, I especially made time to write this out because this week marks 6 months with my girl, Payton. You guys at Angels knew her as Honey, but I had decided to change it: new home, new name, new life.

She latched on to me from the moment that I met her at Angels- I was sitting on the floor when Jess brought her out and she climbed in my lap and started crying. I knew I could not leave her there, she was coming home with me.   

It took a while for Payton to really settle down and establish herself in her new home, she suffered from really bad separation anxiety the first couple months and she had to re-learn using the bathroom outside, but we have made it through every obstacle. Payton is such a blessing in my life, she is always happy and loves to meet new friends- people and dogs alike. She is certainly a lap dog and loves to snuggle, but gets grumpy when its past ‘bedtime’.
She goes to work with me on a farm, and is a wonderful running and hiking partner, she is gentle with kids and a great driving partner when we travel to Florida for breaks. Every day, she wakes me up and puts a smile on my face. 

 Thank you Angel’s for taking her in and introducing me to my best friend.

~ Christine

Thank you, Christine! She looks so happy!! From dumpster dog to being a part of a family and loved- it does not get better than that!

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