March 15, 2013

Ah, The Life Of A Biscuit

The little guy brought in from Botetourt County yesterday, missing half of his lower jaw, is doing pretty well.

He started out the day with breakfast and meds, a walk, and then got carried to the back office for a nap while we shuffled through the paperwork portion of the day. The bed is brand spanking new and he loves it, especially when covered with a blanket.  

Soon enough, it was potty break and lunch time. He went for another little walk, then got a visit from his favorite person, Xan.

After that, Bo from the adoption center came upstairs with a sweater still warm from the dryer.

Since he was looking so cute and irresistible, his bed was moved from the floor to the desk. While we finished emails and letters, he napped.

Soon after, Dr. Spangler hand delivered his afternoon medication, he watched out the window for a bit, and then was put up for the night.

All in all a good day, far from being lost in the woods, hungry, and cold yesterday. To all those that make these happy endings possible, well done, you are truly making a difference.

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