February 5, 2013

Unlikely Bedfellows

Gracie is a beautiful pony, and an extension of the Harmony Farm Sanctuary family. She was bred to be a show pony, and has some pretty fancy papers and some pretty fancy footwork to prove it. She lives with her sister and a retired carriage horse on a small farm in Botetourt County. Not too long ago, a wild turkey joined the equines. We thought she was just passing through, but it has been a while, and it looks like she is here to stay.

For some reason, the turkey and Gracie favor each other. They are an odd pair, to put it mildly. Gracie is all smooth gaits, including a very pretty trot, canter, merry walk and pleasure walk, and the turkey awkwardly bobs and weaves next to her when they navigate the fields. Gracie lets out soft pony snorts and whinnies, and the turkey gobbles away. The bird does some, well, dumb turkey stuff, but it's cool. Spilled grain is not fought over; it is an unspoken rule that the turkey has dibs. The warmth and safety of the barn is shared without question.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be remembered from this unlikely pair: be accepting and kind, and share the good stuff, because there is enough to go around. Cherish the ones who make you feel safe.

Sometimes we are lucky enough that the the unexpected friend, the one we originally thought was just passing through, stays, and turns out to be very best one ever.


A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
— Elbert Hubbard


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