February 16, 2013

Special Delivery

Over the last few years, Angels of Assisi and the Spartanburg Humane Society have partnered to help with numerous dogs. The staff at the Humane Society does a wonderful job of getting them ready, sending us all the medical information, and arranges for them to be flown up by from South Carolina by volunteer pilots in private planes.

One of the more infamous dogs from the Spartanburg Humane Society is little Swift, aka the Gremlin, aka the cutest, most personality filled dog on earth. She brings a sense of joy to all who meet her, either in person or by following her on antics on the internet.

Although quite mischievous, there is never a sense of anything but good hearted fun about her. In human form, she'd be the person you would look forward to meeting up with in the pub after a long week to help restore your drained spirit. She'd be the one who makes you smile- a real smile, the kind that deepens the dimples and reaches all the way down to the bottom of your heart. She'd be the one who stays away from all the pointless drama, and understands that life is short, so you may as well have fun with it.

Today, Angels of Assisi received four more dogs from Swift's hometown, and they are just as wonderful. Meet the guys, just in via plane from South Carolina.

We have a feeling they will be just as wonderful as Swift, and are thrilled that will be receiving a second chance at a new life. Thank you to all the good folks who made it possible.

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